San Antonio School For The Performing Arts
Music Department


SASPA proudly offers private music lessons in instrumentation and voice.
Private lessons, by professional instructors, are taught in 1/2 hour, 3/4 hour, and 1 hour increments and they are designed to fit the students individual needs.
PLEASE NOTE: Fees for private instruction must be paid in advance. If a student cancels a session, without notification of 24 hours prior, the fee for the session is still due.​

1/2 Hour
3/4 Hour
1 Hour

SASPA Offers: We also provide private study in all Dance Disciplines.
For more information contact the School at: (210) 495-2787

Music Classes
Brass Lessons
​     Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone and Tuba  
Guitar Lessons
Whether you want to play modern guitar such as jazz, rock, blues, reggae or want to develop mastery of the beautiful music for classical guitar – or both! – We have a guitar instructor to meet your needs.
Musikgarten is the leader in early childhood music education — for children and teachers. We offer a complete multi-year educational program that helps infants, toddlers, and children develop a deep love of music and the ability to express it. We have wonderful CDs of the songs sung in class, age-appropriate instruments, and parent guidebooks. These home materials reinforce lessons and involve the whole family in the fun.​
Percussion Lessons
Drum Kit Lessons, Hand Percussions, Tuned Percussions
Piano Lessons
    Our outstanding piano instructors teach in private rooms each equipped with a piano. SASPA’S piano instructors specialize in teaching students from beginning to artist level and from ages 5 to adult. From Jazz and Hymn improvisation to the most challenging music of the classical literature, we have an appropriate instructor for you!
String Lessons 
Interested in violin or viola? Let our highly qualified instructors teach you the proper technique in mastering a stringed instrument.
Voice Lessons
Classical & Musical Theater Voice Instruction
    SASPA offers private voice instruction for beginners and experienced singers, teens and adults. SASPA’S voice teachers are classically trained singers and performers, who also have significant musical theater experience. 

Modern Singing
    For those whose interests lie neither in the classical music nor in musical theater, Modern Singing is where you belong! Taking the techniques and ideas from classical vocal training and musical theater, we re-shape them to meet the needs of each student and the style they wish to sing in. 
Woodwind Lessons
Learn the fundamentals and skills required for playing the clarinet or flute. Increase in your musical knowledge and playing abilities.